Many Faces of Forky

Many Faces of Forky

Let's face it, social distancing comes with lots of emotions. Forky understands.


  • Comfortable hidden nose bridge wire (sewn securely into the interior of the mask) improves fit for different faces
  • Minimizes fog on glasses.
  • High thread count filters the air well while maximizing breathability
  • Double pleats allow the mask to unfold to your desired height
  • Elastic ear loops adjust to accommodate most face widths.
  • Handcrafted on a sewing machine from 2 layers of 100% quilting cotton


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    CARE:  You may wash your mask to sanitize it. However, it is best to hand wash or launder on gentle in a delicates bag, then let air dry in the sun (which helps sanitize further) if possible. This also helps prolong the life of the elastic and nose bridge strip.


    SIZING: Many of our masks come in three fits (Standard Adult, Full Coverage, and Elementary Kids) but availability may vary within each fabric choice. If you are unsure about what fit to select, please see the Find Your Fit page.


    PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT N95 surgical grade masks, but the CDC has indicated that this type of mask is helpful in limiting transmission of germs when coupled with social distancing practices and regular handwashing. Patterns and prints, the handmade process, and quantities of supplies (fabric for ear casings, backing fabric, and supplies) mean that each mask is unique. Please expect slight variations in each mask. 

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