Custom Kids' Fit Mask

Custom Kids' Fit Mask

This is for our KIDS' One-Size Mask OR masks with smaller dimensions. Please indicate your desired finished dimensions in the note in your cart:

7" across by 5" down before sewing. 

 7" across by 3" down laying flat when pleats and ear casings are sewn.

7" across by 4.5" down when the pleats are pulled open.


Please select further variants after reading about the customizations below.

Fabric Source:


If you select your own fabric, it will be used for both the front and back of the mask unless you provide a second fabric specifically for the backing. It must be 100% cotton. Customer must wash, iron, and fold fabric and place inside a plastic bag before drop off.  If you require matching thread, you must also supply two 100m spools of newly-purchased thread (aged thread breaks easily). If you need us to shop for and purchase matching  this will incur an additional fee.



Please note: these numbers reflect yield for the Adult XL mask measurements only. 


1/2 yard

yields 3 masks with the same front/back fabric

OR 7 masks with a different back fabric


1 yard

yields 7 masks with the same front/back fabric

OR 14 masks with a different back fabric


If you need a mask that has bigger dimensions, please contact me so we can calculate the necessary amount of fabric for your desired yield.


If you select MM Fabric, it must be fabric that we already have in stock. If you would like MM to purchase fabric according to your specifications, the additional fee will be decided after your custom order is placed. This will include cost of yardage and shipping if applicable, plus $12 per hour for time spent shopping/driving, plus gas.



Our multiple timed sewing trials have shown that production time decreases significantly enough to warrant a discount at the 20 mask yield. We offer the incentive of a further discount for orders of 30 or more although the production time per mask is the same as 20 masks. 


Orders of fewer than 10 masks not only require the same amount of preparation and labor as larger orders, but interfere with our standing work flow; therefore, we add $3 to the price for each custom mask in a small order. This accounts for the cost incurred by interrupting a higher production workflow.


Individual Wrapping

Default packaging for custom orders is that all masks are bundled together in the same packaging.


If you require each custom mask to be wrapped individually in it's own cellophane envelope, please select "Individual (Cello)"



Please select "earloops" for masks fitted with elastic earloops (10.5" per loop). Please select "apron" for masks fitted with jersey ties to go around the head (36" per tie)

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