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  • Not a fan of prints and want a solid color mask? We can make that!

  • Have your own yardage that you want me to sew into masks? Let's figure it out!

  • Looking for a custom design (e.g., a filter mask) or custom sizing? Send me your specifications!

  • Want a maskmaking kit to sew on your own? We can assemble some for you!

  • Wishing for a specific pattern, theme, color combo, embroidery, or lettering? The sky is the limit!

Start customizing with one of our custom mask product listings:

Custom Adult Mask

Custom Adult XL Mask

Custom Kids' Mask

If you have any questions, get in touch!



  • Want to carry our masks in your retail store?

  • Does your team need masks to make the workplace safer for everyone?

  • Buying masks as gifts for friends and family?

  • Getting married and need masks for your guest list?

Please contact me to inquire!

Masks retail for $18. An order of 20 masks is $280. An order of 30 masks is $360. We ask that retailers do one of the following:

  • If purchasing from pre-existing invetory, mix and match as you please in any quantities.

  • If making a custom wholesale order in fabrics you've selected (either from our stash or through an outside purchase), we ask that you order no fewer than 10 masks in each fabric you select. So for an order of 20 masks, you could choose up to 2 different fabrics and for an order of 30 masks, you could choose up to 3 different fabrics and so on. We also request that you order in multiples of 20, 30, or 50.