In spring of 2020, a handful of circumstances collided between Mother and Daughter, Denise and Kelly. While quarantine inspired a particularly fervent bout of Swedish Death Cleaning for Denise, Kelly was grieving the loss of her heart dog, Molly, to a rare autoimmune disease. Against the backdrop of Denise's massive fabric stash of unfinished sewing projects--which loomed not quite as high as the unemployment rate--an idea materialized.

 Denise tirelessly engineered masks, researching, ironing, and sewing way past her bedtime multiple nights in a row to construct the perfect mask. She also demonstrated what we call "pleasantly persistent" in encouraging Kelly to pick up sewing again. Once they finally put their heads together, mask orders from neighbors and friends veritably flew out of their two sewing machines, first in Chesapeake VA, then in Old West Durham, NC.

Noah, Kelly's husband, began singing clever lyrics set to the tune of an old musical... you know the one!
Maskmaker Maskmaker was born.

Let us make you a mask!





  • Comfortable hidden nose bridge wire (sewn securely into the interior of the mask) improves fit for different faces

  • Minimizes fog on glasses.

  • High thread count filters the air well while maximizing breathability

  • Double pleats allow the mask to unfold to your desired height

  • Elastic ear loops adjust to accommodate most face widths.

  • Handcrafted on a sewing machine from 2 layers of 100% quilting cotton


Please follow CDC + WHO guidelines; wash your mask before wear and sanitize on a regular basis. Each order comes with a set of care instructions: hand wash (preferred) or launder on gentle in a delicates bag, then let air dry in the sun (which helps sanitize further) if possible. This also helps prolong the life of the elastic and nose bridge strip.


This size fits most adults, but if you’re unsure, please see the approximate measurements below (please remember these are handmade; we try our best to be exacting, but mask dimensions may vary 1/4-1/2 inch!):

  • 8" across by 7" down before sewing. 

  • 8" across by 3.5" down laying flat when pleats and ear casings are sewn. 

  • 8" across by 6.5" down when the pleats are pulled open.

* Note for longtime MM/MM customers: the adult size is the same width across the face as the original (smaller) standard fit but the same length as the (larger) full-coverage fit


These are NOT N95 surgical grade masks. The CDC has indicated that this type of mask is helpful in limiting the transmission of germs when coupled with social distancing practices and regular handwashing. Patterns and prints, the handmade process, and quantities of supplies (fabric for ear casings, backing fabric, and supplies) mean that each mask is unique. Please expect slight variations in each mask.